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I lost my best friend and felt like my life was over. I recovered and you can too.

Hi, I am Sue Ascioti-Plange from MechanicsOfManifestation.com.

When a romantic relationship breaks up, you can expect lots of sympathy from your family and friends.They may not even notice, however, when a friendship ends. Even though friendships are essential to our well-being, we often fail to give them the attention they deserve. That’s especially difficult when you start drifting away from an old friend or have a major fight with your best buddy. This story illustrates my experience of losing a best friend and how I recovered.

I wish I had known these tips when I was younger and allowed myself to lose a very close friend because I did not agree with who she was marrying. Guess what…she chose him and I was devastated.

If you’re angry or upset because a friendship is over, study these tips for dealing with your feelings and moving on.

Here are some thoughts that I wish I knew years ago. I hope they will keep you from experiencing the lost of a friendship and provide guidance and support if you do find yourself in this situation.

1. Embrace change.

Most friendships naturally bloom and fade as you move from one stage of life to the next. Recognize the milestones in your life like graduating college and becoming a parent. Celebrate your progress even when it means moving in new circles.

2. Spot your patterns.

Be honest about your role in how your relationships end.Maybe you’ll want to handle things differently.

3. Acknowledge conflict.

Ending a relationship is sometimes a wise choice, but sometimes we lose valuable relationships because we’re afraid to address sensitive issues. Learning to resolve conflicts may help you to resurrect your friendship or be better prepared for your next challenge.

4. Cherish your memories.

You can remember the happy times even if you stop hanging out together. Hold onto those funny stories and favorite photos.

5. Think objectively.

Maybe you’re taking things too personally. When you see the friendship more clearly, you may realize that you have done nothing that you need to regret.

6. Consider counseling.

If time passes and you’re still feeling distressed, you may want to speak with a professional therapist. They can help you to get to the bottom of what’s bothering you and change your behavior.

7. Decide in advance if it is worth it.

Don’t follow what I did so many years ago. I lost a very close friendship because I had too many opinions about her fiance. It was a devastating loss for me and they are still married! FOR ME THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT IN THIS STORY. I AM INTERESTED TO KNOW WHAT YOUR’S IS.

Taking Action:

1. Seek support.

Let your family and friends know when you’re going through a difficult time. Tell them how they can help you, whether you need someone to listen to you or just remind you that they care.

2. Pursue your interests.

Fill your time with enriching activities. Redecorate your living room or volunteer at an animal shelter. Sign up for an adult education course or buy a membership at a local fitness studio.

3. Make new friends.

Investing too much in a single relationship can be overwhelming for your friend and leave you vulnerable. Use this time to expand your personal and professional networks.

4. Practice self-care.

Avoid drowning your sorrows in junk food and long naps. Stick to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

5. Clear away reminders.

Temporarily, it may help to remove pictures and objects that remind you of a former friend. Box them up and put them away in a closet or spare bedroom. You can bring them back out when you’re feeling more stable.

6. Write a letter.

Putting your thoughts down on paper can be a safe and effective way to face what has happened and let go of the past. Focus on what you can learn from the experience rather than making accusations. You’ll usually accomplish more by keeping the letter to yourself instead of mailing it.

7. Be gracious.

You might feel tempted to make unkind remarks to mutual acquaintances or post negative comments on social media. You’ll heal faster if you resist that urge and resolve to rise above any pettiness. Wish your one-time friend well and prepare for your own happy future.

You’ll probably gain and lose many friends over the course of your life, but each relationship can help make you kinder and wiser.

Saying goodbye to a friend can be an opportunity to honor the role they played in your life and learn how to cultivate new and deeper connections.

Our passion is providing our students with the tools they need to manifest their life’s desires.

This column was originally published on my site at MechanicsOfManifestation.com You can reach me there or email AvaniandSuz@gmail.com.

10 Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety So That You Can Attract Your Life’s Desires

10 Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

In order to attract your life’s desires the majority of your thoughts, conscious and unconscious, need to be positive and focused on that desire.   If you have anxiety it can be impossible to attract your desires because you are caught up in one or more limiting beliefs.   Limiting beliefs have more of a negative impact on your life than any other factor.

Limiting beliefs are those which constrain us in some way. Just by believing them, we do not think, do or say the things that has the potential to move our lives forward. And in doing so we impoverish our lives.  Let’s say that since you were very young your dad said you weren’t good at baseball.  You heard that time and time again and your young mind believed it about not only baseball but all sports.   You made it through high school and college without thinking about it much or noticing that you stayed away from sports.  Otherwise you had a full high school and college experience.

Now you have started career and just realized that there is a mandatory quarterly golf tournament!  Any way you look at it you can’t see how you can participate, yet you must.

We may have beliefs about anything. Limiting beliefs are often about our selves and our self-identity. The beliefs may also be about other people and the world in general.

In any case, they can be severely limiting and create anything from a slight disturbance in your energy system to a full out, life debilitating anxiety attacks

Anxiety can take over your life without you really knowing it. It’s important to stay in touch with your inner self to maintain balance and notice when there might be a problem.

If your anxiety is severe or causes you to panic, be sure to see a health professional. However, for day-to-day anxiety, there are natural ways you can reduce anxiety by yourself.

Here are some herbs, tips, and techniques you can use to alleviate your anxiety:

1. Pick a time each day when you can meditate. Find a quiet, relaxing place and focus on your breathing while you relax. Next, immerse                    yourself in visualizing that you are living the life you desire. Meditation can relax, inspire, and motivate you.

2. Passionflower is a popular herb that has been known to help reduce anxiety. For many, passionflower is as effective as some prescription

drugs.  It also helps with insomnia since anxiety and insomnia often go hand in hand.

  1. Self-Hypnosis. Hypnosis can be a great way to relax and get in touch with your subconscious. Self-hypnosis enables you to perform techniques on yourself instead of requiring someone else’s assistance.
  2. Proper Nutrition. Sometimes you may forget about the intense connection between how you feel and what you put into your body. Simply paying attention to getting a natural, well-balanced diet can help you reduce anxiety.   If eating right is difficult for you, be sure to take a multivitamin and avoid chemicals, processed foods, and caffeine when possible.
  3.  St. John’s Wort. St. John’s Wort has been used as a supplement for centuries. It’s a natural herb that can help with both depression and             anxiety.   It’s best used for mild to moderate cases.

7. Acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient art that can reduce your anxiety by enabling you to feel calm and relaxed. It involves the use of thin                  needles that are used to relax your muscles.

8. Worry Time. If you feel that all you do is worry, it’s time to pick a worry time. Choose a period of the day – maybe 5 to 6 PM – where you allow                yourself to worry as much as you want. Worrying is simply not allowed or tolerated during the rest of the day.

       Every time you feel worries arise during other times of the day, tell yourself that the worries have to wait           for your worry time. You’ll soon find that  you won’t really worry all that much during your worry time!

9. Exercise. Studies have shown that regular exercise can reduce anxiety. Exercise produces serotonin (the “feel good” hormone), relieves stress,                 increases oxygen levels throughout the body, and relaxes your muscles.

10. Valerian Root. This is another natural anxiety herb. It’s an excellent choice if you also have trouble sleeping. Valerian               root can be taken as a tea  or a capsule and should be taken approximately two hours before you go to bed.

Whether you choose a natural herb, activity, or life change to reduce your anxiety, you’re making a good decision when you opt to go with a natural solution to your problem.


Manifest Your Destiny

Everyone has an insight, a voice that comes from within ones soul. This is
the voice responsible in influencing and directing us throughout our life.
That voice is constantly telling us

“Get up right now! Take charge of your life and manifest your destiny”.

In order to do this you must transform yourself and take charge of your life. If you stay stagnant then life will not happen for you. You might never experience the
true potential of yourself. Life is not only about the style of living,
sleeping, eating, working and traveling but to explore, experiment,
observe, thoughtful processes and taking risks towards change.

Change leads to improvement.

So an important question is how to improve? How to bring about change within one’s self?

For that purpose, what you need to do is to take actionable steps to
improve yourself. Push yourself out of the traditional and comfort zone,
family values, controlling powers of other human beings and meet the real
you! This will definitely transform your life.

Why success comes to only those who work harder for it?

It is because millions of people have no idea what are they capable of
doing. Following conservative ways to live life blindly is no different than
being dead, doing nothing and simply copying.  Ask yourself, “Are you a copycat?”

This series of posts will  get ready and open for change that you have
never experienced before. You will be challenged to be out of your
comfort zone and live the life that you’ve always dreamt of.

You are free to live in your own unique way with a strong identity rather
than being a copy of others!   If you strive for change, you would build a
world of success of your own.

Shake off the insecurities, confusions and doubts to enhance confidence,
power and ability to attain your heart’s desire.

Let’s begin with what we mean by manifestation.

“It refers to the process, an action or an event that clearly enables us to
see or show us something abstract or conceptual”.

Basically it is indicating the movement of transformation of a mind
concept into reality-based act. That is why we stress upon taking action to
bring your thoughts, feelings and ideas into a tangible experience.

You Are Important

Your life has a goal, which is to win. Winners are leaders, those who lead
life in their own way and leave their legacy behind. The one thing that
holds us back from creating our legacy is in our unconscious; our past, our
mistakes, our regrets and unpleasant memories. Left unchecked, all of this
no doubt holds you back from progressing and attaining what you desire.
The human mind has an inborn tendency to seek and grasp on negativity.
Biologically, there is a part of our brain called the “lizard brain” that is the oldest part of our brain stem, responsible for the most basic of instincts; survival. This part of the brain governs our flight or fight attitude towards challenges and breaking comfort zones and is designed to keep us safe from harm.
We know no one wants to live a of the living dead, producing nothing, being
stuck in a 9 to 5 job doing the same thing over and over again just to pay
bills. That is a very distorted and warped version of life. Some people die
at 25 years old and don’t get buried until they are 79 years old.
If you don’t know where to start, let us share with you a simple step by
step formula. We’ll take very simple step.

Think less, speak less, and observe more with your eyes and your heart. It takes faith, action and the belief that you will succeed.

You will get to where you want to be. Trust in yourself, your capacity and your ability to achieve it. Never ignore the power of change as this power takes you towards your personal growth.

The key to unlocking your true spirit and road to find the peak of manifestation is to “Be Consistent And Never Give Up” because true change takes consistency.

We now know that you are ready to go and continue with this course.  In the next post in this series you will learn how to identify your starting place, where you are right now.  We will look at both your positive and negative thoughts and how to remove the negative so that you are a clear channel to manifestation!  We will also look at the process of setting SMART goals!  This method will allow you to set and achieve your goals, propelling you toward manifesting your dream life!