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Avani and Sue have developed a unique program that provides tremendous benefit to workplaces, all types of groups that work or play together, families, couples, and individuals.  In August 2020 they were asked to present their program to the Pinellas County School System which is located in the Tampa Bay area. The feedback from participants was “amazing” and we have been asked to return on February 15, 2021, to once again present to teachers and other staff members.   This particular program was presented over Zoom and the program is compatible with both in-person and video learning.  While the minimum length of this program is 75 minutes, it can be expanded into a 1/2 or full-day workshop.  

The focus of this program is for individuals to be able to manage the stress associated with being a business owner, employee, and/or in any type of professional or personal relationship by connecting with their inner silence and cultivating to enhance inner wellbeing.  This will allow them to respond to people and situations in the most respectful and caring way possible while meeting and exceeding the goal of the communication!  This becomes spontaneous, without the need to call on specific aspects of training or ways of doing things that they may have learned.  Specific tools were shared in the program provided below as was a meditation that can be listened to over and over.

Please note that while the program we are sharing was provided to teachers, it is relevant for any type of business or situation and can be customized as needed.


The workshop is an integration of:


  • Information regarding the research and practical tools for emotional and physical well-being
  • Understanding the science behind stress and the benefits of de-stressing
  • Knowing what the resources are that are available to enhance wellbeing in our lives

Gentle movements that help us connect with our physical self and stay at the present moment.

Connecting to:

  • Our inner core, our inner strength
  • Our creativity
  • Our goals, desires, and intentions (yes, they are different !)
  • Our gratitude, love, and forgiveness
  • Our worldly expression
  • Our intuition and intelligence
  • Our inner power of infinite potential and to our inner silence

This workshop will also help participants focus on the soul questions of our lives.  Whether we are aware or not, these key questions determine the well-being and the flow of our lives. Addressing them in utter calmness helps bring clarity into our lives and supports us in achieving our goals, desires, and intentions.

The soul questions are:

  • What are we grateful for? Connecting to what we already have, that which is bringing us emotional and physical well-being.
  • What do we want to let go of? Making inner space for fresh and new beginnings.
  • What do we want to achieve and what do we truly want? Setting intentions and goals.
  • What is our purpose? How can we help? How can we serve?. Re-connecting to the true purpose of making a difference in the lives of our students!

To learn more about Connecting Through Calmness and our other programs contact Sue at 413-478-8291 or complete the form below.