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Creating a Meditative Lifestyle

Which part of your life needs a little support? Is it physical, material, emotional, social, or spiritual?

When we meditate we create peace, calm, and stillness in our body, breath, and mind that helps us to connect with our ever-present inner stillness, which is the source of all infinite creativity, infinite potentiality, and infinite connectedness, the true source of pure love bliss and joy, manifesting in our lives through us. During meditation connecting to that silent source and bringing our awareness in utter calmness to what we truly want?  whether it be material, physical, emotional, social, or spiritual, can help us bring clarity and helps us manifest that which we truly want to enhance peace, love, health, and prosperity in our life.

Avani has conducted more than 700 live meditation sessions helping one to:
*Physically and emotionally de-stress and relax enhancing physical and emotional wellbeing.
*Gain clarity to their life direction and their purpose to enhance fulfillment and contentment towards success in life.
*Helping one to gain clarity in their intentions and actions to manifest,  what one truly wants to enhance health, peace, love, and prosperity in their lives.
*Enhance and empower one’s relationships in their social world.
*Help them deepen their spiritual practice.

Avani believes its important to gain clarity at the mind level, but those goals and intentions should not just stay on the mind and on paper for another to-do list, instead, she helps one to internalize the intentions in utter calmness to become part of their consciousness resulting in the spontaneous fulfillment by inner expansion and transformation through meditation.

Join Avani for a transforming and powerful private consulting and meditation session of  1 hour 30 minutes. Online via zoom or On-site at Blissful Beginnings, Pinellas Park, Florida. Or at Adrian, MI.

Avani will help you to de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. She will help you with the meditative tips and tools to create a meditative lifestyle to enhance physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing. Your session will be uniquely designed for you based on your purpose for the session. She will help you to bring clarity and help you set intentions to enhance your wellbeing in all aspects of your life.

This uniquely designed session just for you consists of Immersion Into the meditative tips and tools for the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. Gentle Mindful Movement at your comfort level for anchoring awareness to the present moment. Awareness of Chakras (energy centers). Asking soul questions and setting intentions. Gradual guidance allowing you to bask in pure awareness and connecting to the stillness within.

To set up a free consultation simply contact us.

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