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Sick of feeling frustrated, depressed by the repetitive, non-nourishing patterns in your relationships?

Do you have relationships that are “OK” and you have a feeling that they could be better?

Are you feeling that your relationships are almost all they can be but there is something missing?

How would you life be different if all of your relationships were Empowered Relationships?

We are energetic, emotional, social beings. We experience life in an everchanging sea of emotional ebbs and flows, energetic pushes and pulls, and social interconnectivity. Above all else, human beings experience life through relationships. All forms of associations are important to us: connections within our community, bonds with family, and intimacy with romantic partners. Our relationships are so vital to our existence that their quality and status have the power to completely alter every aspect of our lives, from living situations to employment and from our beliefs about ourselves to our moment-to-moment emotional states.

For most people, their relationship with a romantic life-partner is of supreme importance and receives a tremendous amount of energy and focus. A quick search on Amazon for “love,” “relationships” or “soul mates” will reveal the millions of self-help books and romance novels on such topics. In recent years, online dating sites abound and social pick-up spots remain as active as ever. There is no question that those who are single are eagerly seeking “the one.” At the same time, those who find themselves in relationships are often restless to seek improvement and a deeper connection.

As the world undergoes economic, social and energetic shifts, more and more of us are feeling drawn to raise our standards in relationships, especially our most intimate ones, whether these are with significant others, close friends, family or business relationships.

As our world view changes, our understanding of our roles and expectations also shift, and many of us are finding it easier to release relationships that no longer serve us.

Those of us who are experiencing personal transformation are seeking partners (romantic and otherwise) who are in alignment with our higher selves. Rather than continue to live out the patterns of our past, we seek deeper connections or , an enlightened relationships.

Throughout our lives we meet people with whom we have a spiritual alignment, such as certain friends, family members, or romantic partners. They stir our souls when we meet them, and it feels as though we’ve known them all our lives. These soul connections impact our lives in powerful ways, and each one serves a unique purpose.

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When one connects to a soul mate in a romantic relationship, the experience is powerful and magical; however, the intensity of the feelings and the certainty of the importance of the relationship do not guarantee that the partnership will last long-term.  Often, even in soul mate relationships, breakdowns occur because either or both partners are not prepared for the relationship.

Rather than focusing on the desire to attract a “perfect intimate partner, friend or business partner” or perfecting your current relationships, we recommend starting by raising your own awareness, consciousness, and emotional readiness to prepare yourself to experience an enlightened relationship.

An enlightened relationship is one in which both partners are actively working on aligning with their higher selves.

As each person becomes more conscious, aware, and enlightened, he or she becomes better able to operate within a relationship, of any kind, from a place of emotional stability, empowered decision making and genuine love.

In this workshop you will:

  • Explore the tools for cultivating healthy relationships,
  • Learn to let go, in any given moment, of non-nourishing ideas, thoughts, images and experience,
  • Transform your limiting beliefs around relationships into empowering ones.
  • Improve your skills in communications and set powerful and clear intentions around your communications,
  • Discover what unconditional love and acceptance really is!
  • Open your heart and allow your desired intentions to become your reality.
  • Learn when a thought is an Inspired Action and how to proceed.
  • Awaken your genuine playful spirit so that you are open to all of the goodness coming your way!
We meet Virtually Via Zoom: Zoom ID: 6438273728