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Answer: Meditation is a tool for rediscovering the body’s own inner intelligence. Practiced for thousands of years, it’s not about forcing the mind to be quiet, it’s about finding the silence that’s already there and making it a part of our life.

Silence is the birthplace of happiness, creativity and infinite possibilities. From this field of pure potentiality, we get our bursts of inspiration, our most intuitive thoughts, and our deepest sense of connection to the Universe. Practicing meditation on a daily basis allows us to weave silence and stillness into our mind and body to create a life of greater compassion and fulfillment. Meditation is a journey to the center of our very being; a journey to emotional freedom; and a journey to the reawakening of our unconditioned self.Meditation brings awareness to our being, awareness to the present moment, relaxation and simply helps to let go. It’s about going beyond our thoughts and getting in touch with the thinker of our thoughts!
 If you are new to the concept of meditation and would like to experience the benefits of meditation that are widely talked about in the health and fitness world, or want to enhance your ongoing practice then come and join us on a meditation journey.

Why We Meditate?

We meditate to enjoy our lives more fully. We meditate to enrich and to enhance our lives. We meditate for better emotional and physical health and to enhance creativity.

Answer:  From the first time you start to meditate, the benefits will start to grow. If you continue to meditate on a regular basis, the benefits will come at whatever speed, at whatever rate is easiest for your body to accumulate them. However, we all start at our own level, so some people progress at one speed and some progress at another speed. If you as how long it will take to get to the top of the New York Empire State Building , it depends on what floor you get onto the elevator. Some people get on the 10th floor and some people get on the 25th floor. So it is with meditation. We all evolve and grow at the rate which is most comfortable and appropriate. Some times we notice that benefits immediately. Sometimes it is weeks or months before we really notice the changes. Sometimes it is other people who notice the changes in ourselves before we notice them. As long as you are meditating correctly on a regular basis, the benefits accrue.

Answer:  Meditation is a natural process for restoring balance and harmony in the physiology. It helps us to remember and restore wholeness throughout our mind/body system. It helps to re-enliven the body’s own healing mechanisms. Many people have noticed dramatic improvements in their lives and dramatic changes in their health situations. How ever, meditation should not be looked on as a cure for any particular health problem, and you should not discontinue the advice or medication that you are currently receiving from any health care practitioner.

Answer:  Primordial Sound Meditation is a meditation technique originating in the ancient wisdom of India, is a technique based on using primordial sound mantra known as Bij-mantra that allows us to take our awareness from the active level of the mind to quieter levels of the thinking process, until eventually we slip beyond thought altogether, to a level of pure silence, pure awareness. When we come out of meditation, we bring some of that silence-some of that awareness-into our everyday lives as a result of which we begin to live an enhanced, enriched, fuller, joyful and calm life.

Primordial Sounds the Bij Mantras— are the basic, most essential sounds of nature—are used to disconnect us from the activity of life. These individually selected sounds, known as mantras, are based on the vibration the universe was making at the moment of your birth.

Once your Primordial Sound mantra has been determined by Chopra Center, I will teach you how to use it on a daily basis to reawaken balance, tranquility and compassion within. I will help you to integrate this practice into your daily routine.

I offer this course On-Line where I help you learn at the comfort of your home.

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During Primordial Sound Meditation course, one will learn to meditate by experiencing deep rest, letting go of stress, and reconnecting to one’s inner stillness, a field of pure awareness. This course will also give one a perspective towards life with a meditative approach outlined by ancient sages, such as Shackracharya and Patanjali.

Dr.David Simon’s view on Meditation and view of Dr. Deepak Chopra’s concepts on Meditation and Higher State of Consciousness. At the end of the course, one will be meditating using authentic meditation technique by using your own unique personal primordial sound (Bij mantra) and will enjoy the experience of expanded awareness through meditation.

Answer: No. The are no lifestyle changes that are required for Primordial Sound Meditation. The only change or adjustment you will need to make is to allow the time to meditate regularly twice a day. Other than that, any changes in your life will come automatically and spontaneously. Some of the bad habits you have will start to drop off and other better habits will start to come into your life.

Answer:  No. It is a spiritual practice because it takes our awareness to the level of our spirit, which is the same spirit that connects everything is creation, but it is not a religious practice. In fact, many people of many different religions now practice Primordial Sound Meditation without any conflict with their religious practices. Primordial Sound Meditation helps us to enrich our lives, to live our lives to the fullest extent. It enables us to enjoy whatever it is we do in our lives more fully and happily-whether that is playing sports or our relationships or our religion. We can learn to enjoy and participate in all our activities more fully by the results we gain from Primordial Sound Meditation.

Answer:  Self-hypnosis and visualization all function at the level of the mind. The mind is actively participating in these particular techniques or processes, whereas, with Primordial Sound Meditation, we allow our awareness to go beyond the mind, to slip beyond thought, to go beyond activity to the level of pure silence, pure awareness.

Answer:  The best technique is the one that works best for you. We are happy to offer Primordial Sound Meditation as a technique that can be easily learned and practiced and has proven to be effective for thousands of people over thousands of years. However, if you are already practicing another technique and feel that you are getting a lot of benefit and enjoying that technique and do not feel that it is necessary for you to change and try something else at this time.