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1. Please create a serene calm and distraction-free space.
2. Please sit on a comfortable chair which allows you to sit tall and
straight alert but comfortable and not strained in any way. If you want to be more comfortable you may lie on a yoga mat once the meditation starts.
3. Please keep your surrounding space clear for simple movements.
4. Please keep your computer or another device you are using plugged
in even if it’s 100% charged as we might use up more battery.
5 Please use blocks or blankets to support your feet or back if needed.
6. Please join in ten minutes early and have yourself logged in and
7. When you join the Zoom meeting you may keep your Audio and Video
on. These controls are on the lower left side of your screen. Once
we start our class you must turn off Audio from your side.
8 . You may choose to keep your Video on or off.
9. You may choose to play your own meditation music in your background if you choose to.
10: We would prefer you select a distraction-free space, but it’s ok if you cannot, once meditation starts we will mute audio from your side so the rest of the class will not be distracted. Please join and fun meditating and connecting to the rest of us.