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This class will literally, put the tools you need to take control of your familys’ health, into your hands.

“dōTERRA” means ‘Gift of the Earth’. The raw natural power of these Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) dōTERRA Essential Oils have to be experienced to be believed.

Essential Oils are naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems roots, flowers, peel and other parts of plants. They can be beautifully fragrant and powerfully medicinal. Plants have been around on this planet far longer than we have and have had to survive the same pathogens as we do. However, they, being smarter than us ; ) have figured out how to do so without harming themselves.

You may not know this, but pure Essential Oils from plants are naturally: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-oxidative and anti-parasitic.

Unfortunately however, due to a lack of regulation, almost all Essential Oils bought over the counter are extracted with chemical solvents, synthetically reproduced and / or highly diluted with carrier oils that quickly turn rancid and toxic. None of these are products that you would want to use on your family, and most are clearly marked as not for topical or internal use.

Why dōTERRA?

This is why doTERRA oils are such a vastly different experience.

They are beyond organic in purity, so pure you can drink them if you wish (just one drop in water!), and so potent they can be used medicinally – internally, topically and aromatically.

Unlike any other Essential Oil brand, doTERRA Essential Oils are safe for internal use only because they are the most tested and therefore the most trusted Essential Oils available, used in hospitals across the United States, Europe and here in London at a central London Birth Centre. Plus they are sustainably sourced and fairly traded.

Doterra now has a kids collection!

Sue’s 8 year old won’t leave home in the morning without putting on “Thinker”!  She uses “Calmer” in the evening and “Stronger” before strenuous circus training classes.

You will also have the opportunity to purchase these oils for yourself at wholesale prices (25% off!, or more!)

Everyone is welcome, regardless of if you are an experienced Aromatherapist, or have never heard of Essential Oils before: these oils have to be experienced to be understood.

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