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Let’s start with simple steps to create a vision of our life: Visualize through a Vision Board! 

Internalize it through Intentions!

Allow Manifestation through Meditation!


Hi Everyone,

As our holiday gift to you and to help us all start the new year off right Avani and Sue are hosting a Vision Board Party with Meditation.  This will give
us all a chance to be together to laugh and have some fun as well as gain clarity and set Intentions for 2021.
This will be on Sunday, January 17 at 2 pm.  We will be together for 2 to 3 hours.
Virtually Via Zoom.  Here is the link:
You are welcome to join for part or come in and out as needed. Don’t forget to bring your friends and family!
What do you need to do to get ready?
Most importantly, grab some magazines.  These are usually available in doctor’s offices and libraries.  You can also print images and color them.  We will be cutting words and pictures from them to create our boards.  You will also need a poster board of any size, scissors, and a glue stick.
Let us know that you will be attending.  
The day before we will be sending you some PDF files that we will be using.  Please be sure that we have your e-mail.  No need to look at these before the Party.  They are reminders to help you stay on track after the Party.  You can print them, view them on your computer/phone/tablet, or do nothing before the Party.
Most likely none of us will have our vision boards completed on January 17.  We will schedule a second gathering to show each other our vision boards…or not…depending on your comfort with sharing it.  By sharing others have the opportunity to help us hold our vision and create accountability for anyone who desires it.  Some vision boards are very personal and the creator chooses to not share them which is totally fine.  
Learn how to fight stress and overwhelm, gain clarity and step into 2021 feeling optimistic, confident, and in control.  At the Party you will learn to:
  • Become bold and confident in your decision making
  • Increase your connection with your inner silence so that you can stay on track toward your goals
  • Create SMART, spirit inspired goals
  • Create balance in your life to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing
Why do vision boards work?
They create a space and time for you to tap into the dreams you have for your future.  They help in getting these general aspirations into a concrete image. They tap into the unconscious and creative parts of your brain. We often spend a lot of time thinking about what we need to do each day and creating lists related to that.  Vision boards are a means of leveraging our intuition.  They are bold and limitless. Vision boards can keep you focused on the big picture throughout the year. They can help you in prioritizing important projects that will help you meet your goals versus non-critical activities.  They can help you stay energized and motivated, especially when you feel overwhelmed.
Much love,
Avani & Sue