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Why do you want to meditate or enhance your practice of meditation?

We are drawn to meditation for many different reasons. Some of us start the journey of meditation because of a doctor’s recommendation, seeking health benefits such as lower blood pressure, stress reduction, and restful sleep, to enhance physical wellbeing.

Some of us are seeking relief from the fearful, angry, painful, envious, or self- endangering or plainly futile thoughts that constantly flood our minds.

In other words, we are drawn to meditation to enhance our emotional wellbeing Some of us want to create healthy relationships in our social world.

Some of us want to create abundance and prosperity in the material world.

Still, some of us come to meditation in search of greater self-understanding and expanded states of consciousness, in order to enhance our spiritual wellbeing.

It is accurate to say that the purpose of meditation depends on the meditator—but it is also true that anyone who meditates regularly receives profound benefits on all of these levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

As Dr. Deepak Chopra says: Meditation isn’t a random or chaotic experience. On the contrary, it is a systematic process that allows the mind to experience its non-local source, the field of pure potentiality. That is why meditation can be taught and why it produces repeatable results.

The purpose of meditation is to be here now, at this moment. It doesn’t require a special diet, effort, ethics, religion, culture, or concentration.

All we need to learn to meditate is to: Let go, Stop trying, and most importantly Understand that meditation is effortless. When we are not trying to do anything and are not thinking about the past or the future, or analyzing and judging, our mind will naturally and spontaneously settle into the inner silence of meditation.

When we meditate, we create peace, calm, and stillness in our body, and mind that helps us to connect with our ever-present inner wisdom, inner guidance, inner whisper, inner silence, inner stillness, the gap, universal consciousness, divine consciousness,…. which is the source of all infinite creativity, infinite potentiality, and infinite connectedness, pure source of love, bliss, and joy manifesting in our lives through us.

During meditation connecting to that silent source and bringing our awareness in utter calmness to what we truly want? whether it be material, physical, emotional, social, or spiritual, can help us bring clarity and helps us manifest that which we truly want to enhance peace, love, health, and prosperity in our life or liberation from all desires Moksha!

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