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Simply Being A SatSangi?

To be a SatSangi of ourselves and everyone is to recognize that; We the eternal truth (Sat),(I am) become a companion (Sangi) SatSangi! of ourselves and every one by cultivating to recognize that I am Sat! with attributes of pure love and bliss, bringing that in our companionship with everyone. Knowing that we are the Eternal truth-knowledge-bliss “SatChitAnand”!

We become each other’s SatSangi  by recognizing that we are multidimensional beings: Comprised of: The physical layer: The physical body, the energetic body of breath, and Prana (our vital force) The Subtle Layer: The mind, intellect, and egoThe Causal layer:  Individual consciousness, Collective Consciousness  and the Divine -Universal Consciousness with attributes of pure love, bliss, infinite creativity, infinite potentiality, infinite connectedness, and unboundedness.

As a Satsangi we act, interact and create a meditative milan (meeting) with ourselves and others from a place of pure love, bliss, and acceptance. Accepting without judgments and analysis of ours and others’ physical self, our workings of the mind, intellect, and ego, and knowing that beyond our individual consciousness with all our past karmas and memories lie an eternal truth and bliss state of universal consciousness.

We accept our physical limitations such as not being able to fly like birds, but realize that since we encompass the divine consciousness within, and by alignment, to that divine consciousness, we can create planes that we can fly!

As Satsangi, we accept our and other’s physical, material, and social health, and support and help when needed.

We accept our and other’s workings of the mind, intellect, and ego and support and help when needed.

We accept and rise above our and other’s past actions and memories.

And we simply meet from the place of our universal consciousness of pure love, bliss and joy knowing that’s who we are! We are blissful unbounded consciousness with infinite creativity and infinite potentiality to create whatever we wish for, and we do not need to be anxious about ourselves and others in any aspect.

We become each other’s Satsangis and create a world vibrating, full of the divine consciousness: pure love, bliss, and joy

Much Love

SatSangis: iAvani Team.

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