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Being a student is very important stage of life, it is fun and challenging. It sometimes also can be stressful. Avani, through her unique program, Immerse Move and Connect, allows students to  learn to relax and de-stress through their academic challenges. Her sessions will help students to increase their focus and concentration through meditation. Avani is also a National Education advocate for teachers and understands the importance of enhancing academic strength of students. Her session not only will help students in their academic life, but will surely give them chance to learn a life long lasting tool to enhance their physical, emotional and social well-being.

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In her sessions, she integrates


  • Understanding the science behind stress and benefits of de-stressing.
  • Knowing what are the resources available to bring wellbeing in our lives.

Meditation helps students: 

  •      Improves focus and concentration 
  •      Enhances  Academic Performance 
  •      Enhances Athletic Performance 
  •      Helps students to cultivate Patient and Calm               Personality 
  •      Reduces stress and anxiety helping in test taking skills. 
  •     Helps reduce social anxiety enhancing nourishing social interactions 
  •     Helps students develop healthy sleeping patterns and  physical wellbeing. 

Gentle movements that help us connect with our physical self and stay at the present moment.

Meditating  to Connect to Inner wisdom :

  • Our inner core, our inner strength,
  • Our creativity,
  • Our goals, desires and intentions  ( yes they are different !)
  • Our gratitude and love and forgiveness,
  • Our worldly expression,
  • Our intuition and intelligence
  • Our inner power of infinite potentiality, to our inner silence.

The session/ seminar will also help one focus on soul questions of our lives: Whether we are aware or not, these key soul questions determines the well-being and the flow of our lives. Addressing them in utter calmness, helps students gain more clarity in their academic and life goals.

  • What are we grateful for? Connecting to  what  we already have, in terms of students’ academic strength
  • What  would student like to let go? This allows students to make space for a important aspects of their lives and helps them prioritize their academic,  athletic and social goals. 
  • What does student really want to achieve and what is that he/she we truly want? Setting intentions and goals.
  • What is our purpose? How can we help and how can we serve? Re-connecting to our true purpose. Helping Students look at the bigger picture of their lives.

Pricing – one hour session.