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Enjoy more Meditation Audios and to access Handouts of all our MeetUps at Blissfulbeginnings.

Our MEET UP  sessions will foster close connections with fellow seekers who will help support you on your journey. You’ll forge friendships that endure long after the session is over. You’ll experience:

• Like-minded community

• Loving encouragement

• Lasting bonds

Thoughtful discussion

Each week Sue and Avani engage in brief talk and discussion prior to the meditation, to immerse ourselves into tips and tools from Meditation, Law of attraction and various spiritual and meditative concepts to enhance our physical, emotional and social wellbeing. 

Avani, through her unique program, Immerse, Move and Meditate. allows you to enjoy the present moment, helping you to relax and touch base with inner stillness. In her sessions, she integrates immersion of meditation tips and tools for enhancing your emotional and physical well-being. Gentle yoga movements are taught to help you to connect with your physical self to keep you at the present moment, as she gradually guides you to relax bring awareness to the concept discussed meditatively, awareness to chakras, setting intentions, and gradually leading you to the stillness of meditation. 

At the end of the session, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.   Testimonials

There will be no intense physical exercises or posture, and no special clothing is required.

About: Sue and Avani.