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Connecting Through Calmness and Silence

Educators today maintain an exceedingly important role in a student’s education. They strive to enhance the educational lives of their students while keeping up with an overwhelming number of tasks required from them as teachers. In the case of handling a stressful situation during teaching, it becomes very beneficial when staying calm becomes a natural process.  This helps them to be able to continue teaching, and also makes a remarkable difference in the teacher’s physical and emotional well-being. In our sessions, we help educators revisit their core nature of serenity, to relax, de-stress, and let go of those thoughts and feelings to that they naturally live and teach from a  point of utter calmness and compassion.   Through Avani’s unique program, “Immerse, Move and Connect,” educators will enjoy being in the present moment, relax deeply and touch base with inner stillness. After the seminar, teachers will leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, calm, and connected. Please contact us for further information and questions.


This program is also relevant for businesses, any types of groups working together, families, couples, and individuals.  It can be customized as needed.

Teacher Training for the Pinellas County, Florida School System – August 17, 2020

Coming on February 15, 2021

The seminar is an integration of:


  • Information regarding the research and practical tools for emotional and physical well-being.
  • Understanding the science behind stress and the benefits of de-stressing.
  • Knowing what the resources are that are available to enhance wellbeing in our lives.

Gentle movements that help us connect with our physical self and stay at the present moment.

Connecting to:

  • Our inner core, our inner strength,
  • Our creativity,
  • Our goals, desires, and intentions (yes, they are different !)
  • Our gratitude, love, and forgiveness,
  • Our worldly expression,
  • Our intuition and intelligence
  • Our inner power of infinite potential and to our inner silence.

This seminar will also help educators focus on the soul questions of our lives.  Whether we are aware or not, these key questions determine the well-being and the flow of our lives. Addressing them in utter calmness helps bring clarity into our lives.

The soul questions are:

  • What are we grateful for? Connecting to what we already have, that which is bringing us emotional and physical well-being.
  • What do we want to let go of? Making inner space for fresh and new beginnings.
  • What do we want to achieve and what do we truly want? Setting intentions and goals.
  • What is our purpose? How can we help? How can we serve?. Re-connecting to the true purpose of making a difference in the lives of our students!

Avani is open to assist and guide individuals and groups in community centers, health centers, hospitals, companies, schools and universities. Please contact us for additional information